Boating on Harrison Lake

Aside from their world-famous hot springs, Harrison Hot Springs is home to the gorgeous Harrison Lake, and the Harrison and Fraser Rivers. A boat tour is a great way to discover and enjoy the gorgeous natural beauty of the area.


Harrison Eco Tours offers a wide array of tours ranging from guided hikes, to kayak, fishing and boat tours. We were lucky to enjoy the latter. We met with Yves from HET at the marina and off we went.


If planning a guided kayak tour, Yves mentioned that kayaking is best done in the morning when the wind isn’t as strong. He also mentioned that kiteboarding has recently become a big thing in Harrison, but mostly in the afternoons when the wind picks up.


Expect to see many wonderful sights, such as the cabins and homes built along the side of Harrison Lake. Rounding Echo Island we could see that many had been built at very steep inclines, with some have multiple staircases running up the side of the various cliffs along the lake.DSC_0033

Not many boat tours stop and let people walk up to Rainbow Falls. Most just cruise by, but Harrison Eco Tours actually lets people get off and follow a short path through a wonderful array of plant life up to the falls. The small beach that’s in front of the falls is so peaceful and serene. Because so few boats dock at the short pier the time spent there fosters a very private and intimate connection with nature.


Although the trip can be bumpy because of the waves, it is definitely worth it. Expect to take a light windbreaker, some sun screen, a hat, and some snacks for the 1.5 hour adventure.

Follow them on Twitter: @HikeBikeKayak


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