Hiking The Spirit Trail


The Spirit Trail was one of the highlights of our trip to Harrison Hot Springs. The trail is eerily haunting yet exciting as you walk along a twisty trail that loops in and around beautiful cedar trees bearing various clay and wood masks. The only way to really understand it is to experience it yourself.


This is a nice leisure walk thru the forests, and one I recommend. The trail is beautiful and filled with gorgeous fauna.


In fact, aside from the walking trail, the forest is virtually untouched, it is gorgeous and so peaceful. But the real allure of this trail are the masks that fine local artisans have created and placed on the cedar trees along the way.


There are several dozen masks to discover. I was told that the short hike was only about 1km in length and would take about 15-20 minutes, but I recommend taking your time to discover and appreciate the beauty of each mask.


The style and mood varies from tree to tree, as if the artist was trying to capture the essence of each mighty cedar.


Some masks have been up there so long, that nature is starting to reclaim them.


The trail ends with a  circle of masks – as if holding council. It’s eerily beautiful.


One of the masks has fallen to the ground, but somehow it looks like it’s meant to be there, as if it’s resting peacefully on the base of the cedar tree.


The trail is found on McCoombs Drive heading south from the lake. It can be reached by walking down McCoombs Drive for aproximately 2 kms or parking on the side of the road near the trail head.

I tried to capture as many of the masks as I could. I’m sure I missed a few. Enjoy the gallery!

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