Element by Westin in Metrotown – Grand Opening!

Are you visiting Vancouver for an week or more and looking for comfortable accommodations that fit your lifestyle? Well, look no further than Element by Westin.


I had the pleasure to attend the formal opening of this first Eco-branded hotel in Western Canada and I could not have been more impressed with this concept! This hotel “offers a fresh perspective on the extended stay experience” and I could see it in every nook and cranny that I toured: Picture 169 sustainable suites and rooms that are so fully equipped they put my apartment to shame! Hardwood floors for a clean feel, and aside from the regular accessories you may find in any other hotel room (i.e. Coffee maker, etc.), all rooms have a good sized fridge with a wine rack and spacious room for any groceries you may want to buy while you stay. Suites also have a counter top stove, microwave, and cooking utensils (even a skillet, sauce pan and pasta pot!), kettle, and dish washer! The hotel offers a grocery delivery service as well, and you can order online before you arrive and have the fresh groceries delivered right to your hotel room.


Beds are all Heavenly Beds and, let me tell you, they really were. I honestly didn’t think I could get up after I tried it out but, alas, we had more touring to do. The washrooms had eco friendly toilets with half flush and full flush options, rain shower (ahhh!) and, true to their eco friendliness motif, they have dispensers for shampoo and shower gel instead of the little bottles that usually end up in landfills or recycling plants. Impressed yet? I’m not done!

IMG_6290 Although I don’t personally own a pet at this time, I do have a fur nephew that I like to spoil, so I had some questions about pet parents traveling with their fur babies. The hotel is pet friendly, a whole floor reserved for pet owners, pets also get their own pet-sized Heavenly Beds and there are treats available for them. The hotel is close to Central Park in Burnaby and there’s an off-leash area just a couple of blocks away.

CE7O71FUMAAVbCIThe amenities are also eco friendly. A salt water pool and hot tub (that is the only area shared with residents of the hotel) and a gym on the 5th floor (the gym is called “Motion”, clever) the gym has free weights and cardio equipment that recharges your phone. (want to get your battery at 100%? Keep pedalling!).

IMG_6292 I could certainly go on and on about how impressed I am about this new hotel but I’ll let you experience it yourself. My only regret is that all hotels are not following suit and getting on the eco-friendly-healthy-lifestyle band wagon. The opening was a celebration and I, for one, was happy to attend to celebrate this great addition to our beautiful city and I’m excited to have a stay-cation just so I can have the full Element by Westin experience.


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