Ban Chok Dee #TacoChallengeYVR

The Vancouver Foodster’s Taco Challenge continues! Richard Wolak challenges chefs and restaurants around Vancouver and beyond to create amazing dishes using innovative ingredients. The results are unique flavours and outstanding creations. The dishes are available for a limited time, and the public is encouraged to try them and vote for their favourites.

I find myself in Langley this time around to visit Ban Chok Dee Thai Restaurant. This eatery has been around for approximately three years, and has won the title Best Thai Restaurant by The Langley Times.

I watch Chef/Owner Parinya Loptson greet every customer like an old friend. Such personal touch is rare to see in hospitality anymore.


Ban Chok Dee Thai is no stranger to Richard Wolak, having won first place for their Chiang Mai Noodles at his previous Pasta Challenge. I was excited to see what they bring to the Taco Challenge this time around.

Introducing the Thai Taco Platter – a delectable selection of pork and salmon, served with homemade tortillas, and crispy mini bite shells.

DSC_0017This dish’s presentation is a thing of beauty, and the details are exquisite – such as the orchids that are exported from Thailand once a week to be used as garnishes, or the homemade tortillas with aromatic spices.


The pork side is both sweet and salty, and its served on a heavy tomato base which is quite flavourful. The salmon side has a nice citrus finish and is complimented by the butter consitency of avocado.

Some of the toppings available for the tacos include lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, banana peppers and whole peanuts.


Another dish Chef Parinya is proud of is her Pad Thai Woon Sen – Pan-fried glass noodles in tamarind sauce with chicken or prawns, eggs and tofu, served with fresh bean sprouts, chives and ground peanuts. Once again, the presentation of each dish is art on a plate. It is obvious that Chef Parinya takes care and pride in all her dishes.


Another recommended dish is the Prawn Curry – served with a very delectable coconut rice.


Their cocktail menu is also inspired. They’re white sangria is a concoction made with white wine, white cranberry juice, vodka, peach liquor and fresh fruit and mint. Simply delicious.

Their special Tacos are on the menu for $15. The Vancouver Taco Challenge runs until June 14th. Vote for your favourites here.

Chok Dee Thai on Twitter: @BanChokDeeThai
Ban Chok Dee Thai Cuisine on Urbanspoon


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