Goodness Starts Today

A friend of mine shared this video with me the other day:

This video by Quaker Canada captures a true story about a family that puts their busy life on hold to participate in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The catch is that they have to agree to it on the spot and begin the experience right away. The video follows the story of a 10-year old dancer and her father who get the opportunity to learn a Hip Hop routine together and debut it by surprise to mom and hundreds of audience members at an upcoming dance recital.


This theme really hit home for me, especially the part where the dad is physically present for his daughter, yet he’s on his cell phone. How many times have I been blogging, or checking a story on my phone, or just trying to catch up, while my 2-year old son plays at my feet. How many times I’ve been slightly annoyed that while in the middle of a deadline Dylan’s trying to get my attention.


This last weekend we decided to do something unprecedented: I shut down the computer and we spent a weekend together as a family. No blogging allowed!

We decided to go to the New West Pride Street Festival, where we took this awesome family portrait:


Dylan had a great time – he even got to ride a real firetruck and meet real firemen!


The next day, we got to do something as a family that I’ve always wanted to do: a visit to the Vancouver Aquarium.


I’ve never seen Dylan so excited. He was literally squealing with delight. His favourite animals are penguins and he got to see some of them.


He even got to take a new friend home.


We had a great time this weekend, and it was an eye-opener for this digital girl. Sometimes, while trying to keep digitally connected, we forget to physically connect with each other. The memories we make as a family are best kept in our hearts and minds than on my cellphone.

What would you do if you had the chance?

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  1. How cute is this!! And so inspiring. I love it. I love the sponteneity!


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