The Ultimate Lobster Experience Heads To Vancouver


Lobster fans rejoice! Chef Matt Dean Pettit of Toronto’s Rock Lobster Restaurants and cookbook author of THE GREAT LOBSTER COOKBOOK, in partnership with Samuel Adams beer, will be travelling to Vancouver on November 2nd, 2015, to collaborate with three talented chefs at their respective restaurants and bring you all things lobster. It seems appropriate that Chef Matt would travel to the West Coast and create menu magic. It’s been Chef’s aim to foster innovation and make something as indulgent and extravagant as lobster, more accessible for everyone. The crustacean-riddled love affair began as a child when on a family road trip to the East Coast. Since then, he’s strived to bring fun and flavourful lobster creations not only to his restaurants, but to the family table as well. His cookbook (The Great Lobster Cookbook) is a testament to how preparing lobster at home can truly be stress-free with simple but sumptuous recipes.
On from November 2nd until November 4th, 2015,  YEW seafood + bar, Jamjar Folk Lebanese Food, and The Watershed Grill, will offer unique menus in collaboration with Chef Pettit – all highlighting the fresh tastes of the Pacific Coast, and will showcase the sumptuous flavours of lobster.

Untitled2First up in line on November 2nd at 6pm is  YEW seafood + bar. – Chef Ned Bell is a champion of Oceanwise , so expect all dishes to be – approved seafood items prepared by Chef Ned Bell and Chef Pettit.  To make things better, the 5 dishes also include 2 Samuel Adams beer pairings. Samuel Adams helped lead the craft beer revolution, reviving a passion for full-bodied brews that are robust and rich with character.

Tickets are $70 (plus tax and gratuity) and are bound to sell out. Click HERE to get tickets to this event.


Next up on November 3rd at 7pm is Jamjar Folk Lebanese Food,Their traditional Lebanese fare will be given an infusion of lobster love courtesy of  Chef Matt.  The evening will get spiced up with a 4-course tasting menu.

Tickets are $45 (plus tax and gratuity). To purchase tickets, contact or phone 604-252-3957

UntitledThis lobster fest tour in Vancouver ends on November 4th at The WaterShed Grill at 7pm. Steps from Squamish River, soak up the amazing waterfront vistas with a 3-course meal and 2 Samuel Adams Beer to pair with at The Watershed Grill. Lobster, along with a bevy of seafood wonders will be dreamed up differently, so arrive hungry!

Tickets are $50. To purchase tickets for this event, please call 604.898-6665.

Copies of Chef Matt Pettit’s book,  THE GREAT LOBSTER COOKBOOK will be available for purchase at each dinner for only $15!


Follow Chef Matt Pettit on Twitter: @RockLobsterFood

Follow Samuel Adams Beer on Twitter: @SamuelAdamsCA




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