Wine Review: Young Brute Red Blend 2014

From The Casella Family of Southern Australia comes a new red blend of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon that can only be described as “juicy”.

If you’re looking for an affordable, BBQ-on-the-deck summer red, you’ve found it. This unpretentious Aussie is easy to drink, fruity (Lots of berry and cherry aromas) and offers a palate full of hints of mint, and spicy oak. It leaves on its path a nice spicy-warm feeling. It’s quite enjoyable.

Even thought this wine is a blend, I found the Cabernet Sauvignon notes to be most prominent. There’s a hint of chocolate in the finish. I’ll be honest, I knew I was gonna like it as soon as I opened it. The Casella Family also crafts my favourite Shiraz, Yellowtail.

Young Brute 3D_final

Unlike a boutique red, this wine begs to be paired with something. It goes very well with meat – take your pick: steak, hamburger, sausages, even stir-fry.  Pro tip: Let your wine breathe for a few minutes (30 optimal) to allow all those berry aromas to truly come thru.

You can find Young Brute at your local wine store for $18.95

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