Win Free Bread for a Year from Uprising Breads! #40YearsofFlourPower

East Van landmark Uprising Breads has been in business for 40 years. That’s three generations, four decades, five renovations and well over 2.5 million muffins.


I remember my first time at the Uprising Bakery Cafe. It was 1995 and I was still learning my way around the city. Commercial Drive was my favourite neighbourhood to “get lost in” and that’s when I found them. I remember being so content, drinking my drip coffee and eating a … I think it was a chocolate chunk cookie? Ah, the nineties!


To celebrate the milestone, the iconic bakery wants to hear from you: What’s your favourite Uprising Breads moment? Did you have a crush on a cute barista? Did you used to skip class to get a a fresh-out-of-the-oven treat?  Regardless if you’ve been coming by for years, or just found them last week, your memory can be the winner of Free Bread for a Year!

Go to to enter. If you prefer not to use the web form, you’re also welcome to stop by Uprising Breads Venables location and fill out a paper version of this form in person.

Select stories will be displayed on the bakery’s cafe, as well as shared on their social media and website. Want to remain anonymous? no problem,  all you need is an email address so they can contact you if you’re the winner. 

Uprising Breads will also be sharing their favorite stories on social media all month long. Follow along @UprisingBreads (on all platforms) using the hashtag #40YearsofFlourPower

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