Finding Dory, now in theatres!

And it’s here! After a long 13 years waiting, Disney/Pixar’s sequel for “Finding Nemo” will finally released in theatres across Canada and US today.


“Finding Dory” features the lovable and forgetful blue tang Dory and her quest across the ocean for her family. Of course, Ellen Degeneres returns as the voice behind the title character, injecting her usual energy and humour into Dory’s character.

The story begins with Dory, as an adorable baby blue tang, with her loving parents patiently trying to teach her how to cope with her short-term memory loss. It’s impossible not to feel a little on the heartstrings for little Dory with her big eyes, worrying aloud to her parents “what if I forget you? Will you forget me?”.


After a brief narrative overlap with “Finding Nemo” where Marlin and Nemo are reintroduced living back at the Great Barrier Reef, Dory convinces them to help her travel across the ocean to look for her family, playing on Marlin’s parental instincts when he lost Nemo to nudge him into agreeing. Their only piece of knowledge about their destination, “the jewel of Morro Bay, California” brings back memories of the familiar “P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney”.

On their journey, Dory, Marlin and Nemo meet both old friends – Crush, the super chill sea turtle and his tiny, totally tubular son Squirt, Destiny, a myopic whale shark, and new friends – Hank, the ever-flexible septopus, and Bailey, a beluga whale with newly recovered echolocation.


Together, they overcome their disabilities through their adventures at the Marine Life Institute, whether it be Dory and her short-term memory loss, Destiny and her short-sightedness, or Bailey and his echolocation.

Does Dory find her parents in the end? Well, you’ll have to watch the movie yourself and find out! Feel free to share with us what you thought about the movie in the comments below.

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