Five Things to do In Stanley Park this Summer

Stanley Park is home to many fun activities, like the Vancouver Aquarium, Horse-Drawn Carriage rides and the Seawall, but the park is home to many, many other amusements.

Thanks to Stanley Park Brewery, a few Vancouver influencers and myself got to re-acquaint ourselves with this gorgeous green space in this gorgeous city we call home!

So what are some of the not-so familiar activities in Stanley Park? Here are a few:

Lawn Bowling


The Stanley Park Bowling Club is located  just inside the park on the Beach Avenue entrance and adjacent to the tennis courts. The  club features two greens with a total of sixteen rinks: Plenty of room to enjoy the sport and relax. New members of all ages and abilities are welcome. New to Lawn Bowling?  Lessons are offered at the beginning of each season, in May.

Mini Golf


The Stanley Park Pitch & Putt offers lush greens, surrounded by gorgeous trees.  The course has 18 holes ranging from 40 to 100 yards and it’s bordered by a gorgeous rhododendron garden. Hours are 8am – 8pm daily, weather permitting.

Picnic Service


Picnics are a lovely way to dine al fresco, but most of the time, the idea of making food, packing and then carrying all that to the perfect location, can be more hassle than anything else. Enter Picnix – an easy and convenient service that offers everything you’ll need for a delightful outdoorsy meal.


The food is gourmet and delicious. Their menus range from $40 per person and the handmade wooden wagon that doubles as a table fits a six course meal, lemonade, water, and a blanket.

Cricket at Brockton Oval Pavilion


The Vancouver Cricket Club has been around officially since 1889 – but cricket was being played here in Vancouver as soon as the British began to populate BC in the 1850’s. Can you believe that all throughout the 1930’s  cricket was the most popular game here? Huge crowds would gather at Brockton Oval to watch the games.

Stanley Park History Guided Tours


Stanley Park has a rich history – everything from mystery, to romance, the park has seen it’s fair share throughout its history. The Stanley Park Ecology Society offers walking tours around the park, where you can learn all about the sometimes dark history of the park. Let’s just say that “Deadman Island” is not called that for no reason…

Check out the Ecology Society’s Calendar to learn more about events happening this month.


After our fun day out, it was only fitting to end at the Stanley Park Pavilion, drinking a fine Sunsetter beer from Stanley Park Brewery. If you haven’t tried it now, it’s the beer of the summer!





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  1. Josh Rimer says:

    I love spending time in Stanley Park – usually I’m just rollerblading around it, but these are 5 extra fun options!


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