Introducing ESQIDO Mink False Lashes

This past weekend, Esqido False Lashes celebrated their official launch at Holt Renfrew, introducing the world’s most natural false mink eyelash ever to Vancouver.

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We had the opportunity to speak with Brenda, Co-Founder and Director of Public Relations, about Esqido. Launched in 2013, Esqido now offers a collection of 19 different styles of false lashes, all handcrafted with ethically-sourced mink hair, available online. Each pair is softer, lighter, and more flexible than synthetic strip lashes, making them way more comfortable for daily wear.

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If you pop by Holt Renfrew, Esqido has 11 single lash monocles for you to “try on” the lashes to see what fits you. With proper care, these beautiful false lashes can last up to 25 wears!

Not sure what to pick? Check out their top three bestsellers:

The Classic Collection: Unforgettable

The Classic Collection: Unforgettable

For a soft, natural look, try Unfogettable – this pair features a gradient of increasing length of lashes that creates a beautiful winged-out effect.

The Classic Collection: BFF 

The Classic Collection: BFF

If you’d like to add just a extra oomph to your look, the BFF mink lashes will make you want to use this best friend forever.. everyday!

The Classic Collection: Voila Lash

The Classic Collection: Voila Lash

For a fuller, more voluminous look, opt for this Voila Lash. Not only are the eyeslashes long and luscious, the criss-crossed look adds a sexy, sultry touch to your make-up.

Still lost? Don’t worry – one of Esqido’s lash experts can recommend a pair of lashes to you, based on your eye type, size and length of preference, and your level of experience. Each purchase of Esqido lashes also includes complimentary fitting and application.

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We pause this program for a short interruption… Shout-out to Brenda of Esqido for the most adorable names for mink lashes ever. Seriously.. how could you not want to take”Oh So Sweet”, “Little Black Lash” or “Lashlorette” home?

Take a look at the full Esqido collection here.

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And to complete the package.. Esqido now offers their in-house glue too! The Esqido Eyelash Glue is the perfect companion to your beautiful mink lashes. The glue is latex-free, meaning no more teary or irritated eyes. Many of Esqido’s prefer this eyelash glue over DUO Lash Adhesive.

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Like Cher explains to Christina Aguilera in the movie Burlesque, putting on your make-up is like being an artist.. but instead of painting a canvas, you’re painting your face. Esqido takes this one step further – just as an artist signs off a completed art piece, Esqido’s mink lashes are the perfect signature finish to your make-up masterpiece.

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To see Esqido’s full collection of mink false lashes, take a look at their website here: Esqido. When you visit their store at Holt Renfrew, mention “Vancouver Bits and Bites” for a free gift from Esqido, while quantities last!


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