Lincoln Continental – A powerful luxury vehicle that offers an oasis of comfort and style

So much of my life is driven by the pressures of too many things to do along with not enough time to get everything done. The hectic hustle and bustle of daily living takes it’s toll, and stress builds up pretty quickly. In order not to be late, driving often becomes another chore, and turns into just another tiresome thing we have to do in order to keep up with our fast-paced lives. img_5983

What happens though, is that we forget about the experience of being in the present. Enter the Lincoln Continental, a car designed specifically to help us remember what it feels like to enjoy and appreciate the “act” of getting there.


This is by no means an “ordinary” car, but one specifically designed as an oasis that can restore an appreciation for the experience of driving. I characterize driving this car on par with savouring a superb fine wine, dressing up in an exquisitely tailored suit, or sitting down to a delicious meal. All are meant to bring joy into your life, and the Continental is designed to be appreciated.

img_5978I’ve never fallen in love with a car before. I don’t even think that’s possible, but the creators of the Continental have not only anticipated my every need, but have also introduced me to comforts I had no idea even existed in a car.

Let’s start with the sight of the car. It’s streamlined shape make it stand out from most vehicles on the road. The low streamlined look offered by the 20-inch wheels made more than one pedestrian do a double take when I accelerated the explosive and powerful V6 400hp AWD from 0 to 100 km in roughly 6 seconds.


By far, the most significant luxurious amenities this vehicle offers is the fully customizable heated seats that come with a massaging option. My wife and I were not only delighted with the 30 different settings for every part of the seat, but the soft leather, wood inlay interior, and 19 speaker Revel Audio System made us feel like we were sitting in a high end home theatre no matter where we were.


It took a few days, but my three year old son finally admitted that he found the car “beautiful” and his “favourite” car. It was most likely due to his fascination (and mine too) with the twin-panel all-glass panoramic moonroof that opens and closes automatically at a click of a button. For those few days that were sunny, we retracted the front panel which doubles as a sunroof, letting the fresh spring air in but keeping warm with the heated seats, tri-zone climate control, and heated steering wheel.

We found ourselves actually planning longer trips, just to be able to enjoy the experience of settling in and relaxing in the car.


Not only does the Continental offer a full suite of today’s luxury equipment, including adaptive cruise, lane-keeping assist, a 360-degree camera, and an automated-parking function, but it’s intelligent handling system brings new meaning to the phrase “it can corner on rails“.

To summarize, the best way to fully make sense of the Lincoln is to drive one. Only then will you truly understand the care thats gone into making it one of the most phenomenal and intuitive cars you will ever drive.


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