#NoFilter at Vancouver Theatre Sports League

One of the best things to do on Granville Island is laugh till your sides ache. If you haven’t got comedians for friends, then don’t worry! The Vancouver Theatre Sports League is here for you. Their latest Improv show, #NoFilter, is an interactive experience that livestreams actual audience social media. There were adorable cats, internet weirdness, and of course, countless LOLs.


The first half of the show was mostly short-form Improv, where the players riffed off of short prompts, audience Instagram pics, and weird celebrity tweets (looking at you, Ryan Reynolds). The best part of these shows is that no two are alike, and it’s always impressive watching people turn something as mundane as a filtered picture of someone’s brunch into comedic gold.


After a quick intermission, the players performed some long-form Improv. We got to see a hilariously awkward sketch around Missed Connections posts and a few vlogger caricatures that seemed a bit too accurate.

I’ve never seen these guys and been disappointed, so if you’ve got an hour to spare on a night out at Granville Island, stop by for lots of laughs and some pretty tweet-worthy quotes.

#NoFilter plays every Thursday evening at 9:15 pm at The Improv Centre, 1502 Duranleau Street on Granville Island. It replaces OK Tinder which has moved from Thursday nights to the 11:15 pm time slot on Fridays and Saturdays. Show details and tickets vtsl.com.



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