Introducing Nütrl – a Vodka so Smooth, It Even Mixes with Politics

Let me introduce you to Nütrl – a vodka that’s everything but neutral. I’ll get to that in a bit, but first, let’s make acquaintances:

Nütrl is making British Columbia proud with their smooth vodka made with only BC grain and in small batches. This uncomplicated spirit is rich in texture while maintaining a clear and almost odourless presence. It’s a little scary (and dangerous!) how well Nütrl blends with everything.

You can buy Nütrl at your local BC Liquor store for only $37.99 – a steal of a deal if you ask me.

Okay, so now for the not neutral part.

If don’t follow Nütrl Vodka on Facebook, you should. Their ad campaigns are witty and full of political commentary and satire; mostly directed at what’s going on with our neighbours to the South. 

Their campaigns have stirred some controversy, with some people giving the company 1-star reviews on their Facebook page, even though they’ve never tasted the product. Fake news. Sad.

Unlike those reviewers, I’ve tasted Nütrl and I enjoy its smooth taste. So, as an homage to this fine local vodka, and their marketing efforts, I present to you three cocktails of my own creation.

Orange You Russian?

This twist on the traditional White Russian is simple and delicious.

1.5 oz. Irish Cream

1.5 oz. Nütrl Vodka

2.0 oz. Milk

Whipped Cream

Yellow Food Colouring.

Combine Irish Cream, Milk and Vodka in a Brandy Glass. Mix a dollop of whipped cream with 5 drops of yellow food colouring to give your drink a nice, blond, “toupee”.

No Wall for You 

Because we should be building patios and invite everyone for a drink instead of building walls. This will be your future favourite brunch drink.

This cocktail needs a bit of prep, as you will need to infuse the vodka with jalapeno peppers. The process is simple: cut a jalapeno pepper into quarters, making sure to remove all seeds. In a clean container, mix approximately 4 – 10 oz of Nütrl Vodka with the pepper and let it sit overnight. You don’t want a very spicy infusion; just enough for the vodka to have a little bit of a kick. I don’t recommend infusing for more than 24 hours.

2 oz. of jalapeno-infused Nütrl Vodka

5 oz. Red Grapefruit Juice

TAJIN® Seasoning. (You can buy it at any Latin Supermarket)

Rim the glass with TAJIN® seasoning. Mix the vodka with the grapefruit juice. Enjoy.


Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire.

A couple of these and you too will be spewing alternative facts.

1 oz. Frangelico liquor

1.oz Nütrl Vodka

White Chocolate

A splash of 180 proof grain alcohol.

Melt white chocolate in the microwave for 30-40 seconds. Rim shot glass with chocolate mixture.

Mix Frangelico and vodka. Top with a splash of grain alcohol. Light on fire.

Please make sure to blow out before drinking, enjoy!

Follow Nütrl Vodka on Facebook – and if you can, show them some love.



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