Garlic Prawns + Lions Summer Ale = A Match Made in Food Heaven

Granville Island Brewing has recently released their Lions Summer Ale – their much-anticipated summer brew. With lively tropical fruit notes and a slightly tart finish, this beer stands well on its own. But what to pair it with? The GIB folks challenged me to test their matchmaking skills with a recipe that goes well with this brew.

Challenge accepted.

So this beer has subtle citrus notes and a refreshing finish. So how about some light seafood? Shrimp is definitely a right choice.

The garlic and lemon sauce really brings out the beer’s personality and brightness.

I paired my garlic shrimp with a lovely pesto and tomato pasta. Good, good good!


I gotta give props to Granville Island Brewing, they have mad match-making skills. This dish was a definitely hit.

The Granville Island Lions Summer Ale is available now at local BC Liquor stores for $11.29 a six pack.


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