This Summer, Playland is the Place to be!

Going to Playland is something that we love to do. When it was just Jake and me, we would make a day out of it: riding the attractions, playing the fare games, and of course, indulging in all that tasty fair food.

Now that there’s three of us, I want to continue the tradition. I kept saying when Dylan is “old enough” and putting it off. But when I heard that they were bringing not one, but three new additional rides for the little guys; I decided that there was no better time than the present.

And you know what? WE HAD A BLAST.

Playland is a great family entertainment complex. Because DJ is not yet 4, his admission was free, so that was a huge plus! Playland offers 14 rides that the entire family can enjoy together (plus the three new ones I just mentioned), and 7 family attractions. Built into the heart of Playland is Kids Playce which provides the perfect setting for families looking to spend some activity time in a family minded and kid-friendly environment.

New this year are the Bug Whirled – a lady bug spinner coaster. this was a great introduction to Dylan to the world of roller coasters.

Flutterbye is a fun ride where you peddle your way up to the clouds then back down to the ground flapping your wings as you go!

And finally, the Dizzy Drop – basically a kid-friendly version of the Hellevator. Dylan loved this one!

Frankly, Dad loved it as well. I look forward to continuing our Summer Playland tradition, this time, as a family.

All three beautiful rides were crafted in Italy by world renowned ride manufacturers. Bug Whirled, manufactured by SBF – Visa, Flutterbye manufactured by Zamperla Ride and Dizzy Drop manufactured by Moser Ride Inc. Both Flutterbye and Bug Whirled have signs and décor designed and built by Chilliwack company, Imagination Corporation.

You can purchase a season or day pass online or at participating retailers, and save up to $5 compared to purchasing at the gate. This year, the popular Pacific Adventure Mini Golf course is now included free with admission!

Check out the details for their Father’s Day promo happening June 18! Dad’s get in for FREE 10am-12pm with purchase of a Regular or Junior admission pass. Get your passes here.



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