Exploring Canada in the new Ford Fusion Energi #Gofurther150

One of the most difficult problems faced by motorists today is the high cost of gasoline along with the increasing reality that to purchase an affordable home you often have to choose to live further away from our main cities. With 83% of Canadians saying that fuel economy is of vital concern, the pressure on families is therefore to find an economical yet comfortable vehicle that can help facilitate commutes to/from work, school, or running necessary errands.

Enter the 2017 Ford Fusion Energi. Not only is it a plug-in hybrid worthy of meeting the needs of anyone needing to save money on gas, but with a huge 982 km range and a maximum output of 195 horsepower it can easily keep up with demands of cruising on our local highways while maintaining superb gas mileage.

I had the unique opportunity to drive this fantastic vehicle over the past week courtesy of Ford Canada. I should first point out that one of the major features of all newer Ford vehicles is the customized seating. I’ve always appreciated the fact that their designers created seats that can be adjusted to mold to your every contour. There’s nothing like feeling relaxed and comfortable immediately upon entering a vehicle, and I know it’s become a big selling point for me.

Stanley Park – Vancouver

The other useful feature in the Fusion Energi is its driving and braking coach who are integrated into the drivers’ dashboard. At first, I found it a bit disconcerting that a piece of software was critiquing my acceleration, braking, and cruising, however after a while I started to realize that I really could benefit from its feedback as it resulted in better mileage and improved safety.

In terms of handling, the Fusion Energi delivers smooth yet quick turning responses, and acceleration was gradual yet firm, with acceleration from 0-60 km/h taking approximately 8 seconds. Although that might be slower than your average vehicle, I don’t expect a hybrid that’s good on gas to offer super- fast acceleration because ultimately we want to improve mileage not race around town.

Chinatown – Vancouver

Another key feature is its superb sound system. No matter how loud you crank the volume the sound is consistently clear and won’t distort or hinder conversations. A testament to this is when I increased the volume and yet was still able to carry on a normal conversation with my son in the back seat.

Highway driving was effortless, as the Energi can cruise quite comfortably at speeds up to and including 120 km/h. In fact, it’s sometimes so smooth that you have to double check your speedometer to make sure you don’t go over the speed limit. With the Energi’s ability to quickly adapt to city or highway driving, I can see how the extraordinary range is a selling point for anyone who’s conscious of rising gas prices.

Stanley Park – Vancouver

With Lonely Planet naming Canada its number one country to visit in 2017, in part to our year-long party celebration of Canada’s 150 year birthday, I see plenty of reasons to get out and enjoy the vast number of cultural festivals, exhibitions, events and the sheer natural -beauty of our great country.

Woodward’s Building – Vancouver

I therefore can’t think of a better way to join in celebrating and enjoying all of what our country stands for than by exploring how the Fusion Energi can help you save on gas, “go green” and help protect our environment, get from A to B in a comfortable safe way whilst giving you plenty of opportunities to go out and appreciate all that our great nation has to offer.


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