Hell’s Gate Air Tram Offers Awe Inspiring Views and Lots of Family Fun

When you put together the words “hell’s gate” the least thing you’d think of is family fun – but that’s what we found at Hell’s Gate Air Tram in Boston Bar BC.

Do not let the name scare you – this attraction offers not just a fun history lesson about the first BC settlers, but amazing views of the mountains and Fraser River. The attraction got its name from Simon Fraser’s voyage in 1808, stating in his journal that “no man should ever pass through here it was truly like passing through the Gates of Hell!”. He might’ve been up to something –  the suspended gondola passes over the most treacherous section of the Fraser River. Treacherous yes, but what a view!

Once your ride is over, there’s lots of discover: a kid’s play area, museum, viewing decks, gift shop, restaurants and more. There’s even a gold panning station and a fudge shop.

And if the ride down wasn’t enough excitement for you, the suspension bridge is guaranteed to thrill.

For those looking for an out-of-this-world experience; rumour has it that the area is haunted by several ghosts – from a smoking man lurking about (insert your favourite X- Files reference here), to a helpful woman at the gift shop. There’s also Johnny’s Stove. Legend has it that every year, at the anniversary of Johnny’s death, the stove feel faintly warm, even thought no fire has been kindled in it since the early 1900.

My best friend Josh was part of this trip. Check out his fun video of his experience.

The Hell’s Gate Air Tram hours of operation are:

April 12th — May 31st    10:00 to 4:00
June 1st — September 5th   10:00 to 5:00
September 6th — October 9th  10:00 to 4:00

Click here for tickets. Get $2 off here.



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