Happy Days – Theatre at UBC

It’s (finally) getting chilly again, and Autumn is firmly rolling in. This means pumpkin spice, cloudy skies, and indoor theatre!

Most people don’t know that there are shows down at UBC, but the university’s theatre program puts on amazing shows throughout the year. This season, they started off with an alumni directed gem.

Happy Days, “a human comedy on the slope of existence,” was absurdly hilarious. Pictured below are the only two characters in the entire play. Not pictured below is the giant dirt pile the characters were stuck in.

Photo credit: UBC Theatre Program

We never get an explanation as to why they’re in the dirt pile, but you kind of stop asking those kinds of logical questions once the play really gets going. The dialogue is more of a monologue and brings you along the wild stream-of-consciousness of a woman who has spent weeks (maybe months) stuck in a giant pile of dirt with nothing but a bag of knickknacks to keep her occupied.

Beverly Bardal plays the woman, Winnie, and does an absolutely amazing job. The emotion in her voice, the craziness in it, was so believable that I felt jarred seeing her walk onto the stage sans-dirt when the house lights came on.

The down side is that the show was on a limited run from Sept 27-30, so the audience was mostly theatre students and alumni who got to see it. The up side is that the season has just begun!

Click here to browse through the other amazing plays the UBC Theatre Program is putting on. They always host them at the Frederic Wood Theatre on the west end of cmapus, right by the rose garden. If you have a spare evening sometime soon, definitely stop by for a great time and to support local productions!


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