Top 3 Deals & Steals: March 12-18, 2018

Each week, experience our top 3 deals & steals that have been selected for you, whether it be shopping, food, or just tips on how to save some money!

Deals & Steals for March 12 – 18, 2018:

  1. UNIQLO – Save $5 off your purchase! Download the UNIQLO Canada app via the App Store or Google Play and setup your account. You will receive a $5 off coupon on your next purchase. We love UNIQLO since they opened at Metropolis at Metrotown and now have opened up a 2nd location at Guildford Town Centre. Check out their website and/or app for deals – we’ve noticed their weekly sales occur Friday-Sunday weekly.
  2. Free Tax Softwares – It’s tax time! Before you go and buy that Canadian tax software on the shelf, check out SimpleTax or StudioTax – both are free to use and have been known to have similar, and sometimes better, results than the paid software. No one likes doing their taxes so why not save that $25 and treat yourself to some junk food or a nice meal instead?
  3. For those who have the Amazon Canada Chase Visa you’ll know that this credit card program is ending this week on March 15. If you love shopping online through US websites or travel to the states often, make sure to sign up for Home Trust Preferred Visa – this is the only credit card in the Canadian marketplace right now that has no annual fees and no foreign exchange transaction fees. If you don’t know already, majority of banks’ credit cards charge a 2.5% foreign exchange transaction fee on all foreign currency transactions on top of the exchange rate. If you spend $1000, that means the bank charges an additional $25. The Home Trust Preferred Visa will save you that 2.5% and give you back 1% cashback with no limits to your rewards and roadside assistance for no additional charge.

If you have a deal to share, feel free to comment below so we can all take advantage of it.



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