Top 3 Deals & Steals: March 26 – April 1, 2018

Each week, experience our top 3 deals & steals that have been selected for you, whether it be shopping, food, or just tips on how to save some money!

This week I’m sharing with you 3 ways you can easily save some money from regular grocery shopping to online shopping.

  1. Checkout 51 – My favourite grocery shopping app right now is Checkout 51 – where you can save money by grocery shopping and uploading your receipts to specific sponsored items each week.  For example, this week for Easter you bought a bag of M&M’s EGGS (200g milk chocolate or peanut butter flavored), you can take a photo of your receipt with the item on it using the app, upload the receipt to the item, and earn $0.75 cash back. You would keep collecting earned money cash back, and once you have earned $20 or more, you can request a $20 cheque or deposit through PayPal back to you! There are tons of household and grocery items, even the occasional alcohol offer too. You’re already saving money with paper coupons and flyer hunting for deals, this is one extra step to get some free money! This app is available for download on Android and Apple devices.
  2. – Do you like shopping online? Amazon? Chapters/Indigo? Sephora? The list goes on! Before you click on your usual website to shop, setup an account and login to Ebates allows you to shop through links on their site and receive a % of earned money cash back. For example this week, you can earn up to 6.0% cash back by clicking on their Amazon link before shopping, or 8.0% cash back through their Sephora link. Once you’ve earned over $5.01 you can either request a cheque to be mailed to you or have it deposited to your PayPal account. You can also donate the money to charity. You can download their app or use your web browser. Just make sure you go to first, login, and then click on the websites you want to shop at.
  3.  SampleSource – Make sure to subscribe to this site – they will email you when they have a sample box available. Each season SampleSource offers various products including makeup, household cleaning products, new grocery items, and more. Create an account in advance. SampleSource will email you when new samples are available.  Login and answer some questions related to products they are testing, and they will email you a sample box of goodies free of charge. Last time I received my SampleSource, it included a Dental Bone for my dog, trial size toothpaste, sample package of liquid laundry detergent (enough for 1-2 loads), shampoo and conditioner, and a couple of new snacks to try. Afterwards, you have the option to also write in a review of those products if you’d like to share your thoughts. Majority of the products they will send you are new products.

If you have a deal to share, feel free to comment below so we can all take advantage of it.

* Featured cover image photo credit: Sample Source


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