Top 3 Deals & Steals: April 9-15, 2018

Each week, experience our top 3 deals & steals that have been selected for you, whether it be shopping, food, or just tips on how to save some money!

April means spring cleaning time – so get rid of those dust bunnies, garden weeds, and office clutter by getting your hands dirty this month. Here are a few great deals to help you with your home cleaning, organization, and gardening!

    1. MUJI WeekMUJI is great for home organizational supplies and cleaning supplies. This week MUJI is having its MUJI Week where if you sign up online for their e-newsletter to become a MUJI Member (it’s free!) you can receive 10% from April 6-16 on all regular priced items in-store by showing your MUJI Week email. Plus if you’re the first 30 customers each day to purchase $30 or more, you will receive a free MUJI gel pen (these are my favourite pens to write with and comes in various thin/thickness!). Plus during the week, save up to 30% off on various MUJI organizational and cleaning products – see in store for details.
    2.  Norwex – I’m a huge fan of Norwex cleaning products – they help save me time and money. Their special anti-bacterial products help reduce chemicals in my household. Their cleaning products are high quality and only require water in most of their products for cleaning of my household counters, bathtubs, etc. This month, Norwex is offering some great Earth Month specials – The Norwex Cleaning Paste (a multi-purpose cleaner on fabrics, bathtubs, stovetops, and more, will last you years to use and great on all tough stains, grime, dirt, oil stains, etc.) plus 2 Envirocloths (anti bacterial microfiber cloths) are packaged at $51.98 – you basically get one free Envirocloth worth $18.99! Check out the specials here. Plus if you want to host a Norwex cleaning party, a tree will be planted in your name for the month of April as part of Norwex’s contribution to Earth Month.
    3. Ikea Sale – For a limited time, Ikea Coquitlam has some great offers for the home. Fresh succulent plants are on sale for $2.99 (regular price $3.99) – great for around the house to add a bit of greenery! As well, Ikea is selling a book called “Grow Together” teaching you ways to make your living space more green, also on sale for $12.99. Check out all the sales in your nearby Ikea here. Make sure to select your closest Ikea location, click on More Details and select “Store Offers” for the latest sales.

If you have a deal to share, feel free to comment below so we can all take advantage of it.


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