DooBoo Restaurant in Burnaby

It may or may not surprise you that I had no idea that tofu soup was something that existed. It’s not something that I really thought about until I saw a restaurant that opened up in my neighborhood that advertised it as being their specialty. It was something that I had to experience ASAP of course!

This restaurant is located at 6907 Kingsway and is a part of a small strip mall. You may even miss if you’re not looking out for it. It’s a Korean restaurant called Doo Boo, which literally means tofu stew. I’ve visited a handful of times and every time I leave singing praises and saying that I will write a review, I wanted to try more than one item on the menu though, which is why this review has been a couple of months in the making.

The staff is friendly and is happy to give advice on the menu, even though the menu is not really that large (one of the reason I love this place is that the menu is not confusing like another couple of restaurants down the street on Kingsway). I was intrigued by the tofu soup, or tofu stew, and tried the seafood version. There’s an option to try the red or white soup and an option for mild, medium, and spicy level. Each stew is served boiling hot along with an uncooked egg that you get to break into the bowl and watch the hot liquid cook it, it was very satisfying to do that. The stew is also served a stone bowl of rice, which the server scoops out into a serving bowl for you and, because the bowl is hot, there is crispy rice that gets stuck on the bottom of it so (as I found out that it is done traditionally) tea is poured into the crispy rice bowl so you can get to that rice mid-meal or if you run out of the regular rice that was scooped up when they served it.

So far I have tried the seafood, mixed, and dumpling tofu stew. I love dumplings so that one has been my favourite so far but I have not been disappointed with any of them. I definitely recommend the tofu stew, whether you try mild or spicy, they are both delicious.

If you are particularly hungry you can also try a combo of your choice of tofu stew and either a grilled mackerel or bulgogi beef. Both were cooked to perfection and flavourful.

Don’t feel like soup/stew? There are other options as well! The traditional bibimbap, japchae noodles, fried dumplings, cheese roast chicken, etc. I tried to stone bowl bibimbap as well and I also enjoyed it very much! Although, in my opinion, I think that once you try the tofu stew you’ll probably want to try all of their versions!

There really is not enough that I can say about DooBoo. At the moment the soft tofu soup is part of my weekly staple!



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