Tandoori Flame – North America’s Largest Indian Buffet And Restaurant Comes To Surrey and Delta

For parents with kids who prefer a western diet, it’s sometimes difficult to expose them to new types of cuisine that can open their taste buds to appreciating foods from cultures that use spices or ingredients not found in our typical menu.


Enter the Tandoori Flame’s Great Indian Buffet, Surrey and Delta’s newest restaurant that not only offers traditional Indian food, but also Halal and western menu items. Their approach has been to take the time to carefully design an array of menu items that appeal to the whole family, no matter what your background. Whether its a date night where you want cocktails and drinks or a dinner with friends or family, Tandoori Flame couples an open concept glass enclosed patio along with traditional dining areas and bar. With an emphasis on quality and variety, it’s simple yet modern elegantly designed lighting and very traditional lattice backdrops boasts a seating capacity of roughly 450 to 480, making it North America’s largest Indian buffet to date.

One of the highlights of their summer menu for kids is an array of Mocktails, offering real fruit Lassi’s, new gourmet shakes and several exciting  delightful creations like the Blue Shark (Cotton candy and cranberry juice with floating gummy sharks) and Blueberry Sparkler (The goodness of blueberries and the tingling of soda, garnished with gummy worms).

Adults will also be pleased…since they have also come out with their new list of summer special cocktails and drinks. My personal favorites are the Sharmeeli Strawberry Mojito, a twist on the traditional Mojito but in keeping with the season it’s made with and garnished with Strawberries. The other is the Angoori Sangria, a delightful punch that celebrates our local raspberries along with spiced rum, red wine, mixed fruits, pineapple and blueberry juice, and pomegranate topped with ginger ale. If you’re looking for a that healthy dose of antioxidants, then the Sangria is the right drink for you.


Typically, food is cooked in the kitchen, away from the guests. But at Tandoori Flame patrons are blessed to with a first-hand look at how traditional bread making methods have been adapted and used to cook naan and other items on the inside of open-air ovens.

There’s simply nothing like biting into a freshly baked piece of naan bread made right in front of you. The smell, the taste and the fact that you watched it be cooked in front of you makes the experience that much more satisfying and enjoyable.

Not only is the food delicious but the sheer variety gives you the motivation to be curious, explore beyond your comfort zone, try new things and enjoy the full array of sights, smells and tastes that the buffet has to offer.

If you’re looking for information about Tandoori Flame, check out their website or you can check out their hours and prices here.


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