If You Haven’t Yet Been on a Family Vacation This Summer It Isn’t Too Late!

Summertime is family time.

Ebates is making it easy to save money on family vacations with Travel Thursdays, a 24-hour promotion that will give members up to 10% cash back on hotel bookings made through Ebates Hotels while also offering other impressive savings options on airfare, rental cars, cruises and activities, offering members up to 50% savings and the cash back.


Top travel partners include Hotels.com, Expedia, Priceline, Marriott, Hilton and Intercontinental. Earn your loyalty points and cash back at the same time…that’s what makes Travel Thursdays great!


Take advantage of today’s American Summer Edition with 10 percent cash back at Ebates Hotels and more. Members can receive an average of $40 cash back for a three-night stay or $70 for a five-night stay!


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