Keep Cool with Jugo Juice’s New Layered Lemonade Smoothies

Jugo is back to quench our thirst this summer. After giving us eight reasons to visit for our energy drink needs (or caffeine fix for some of us) they have wowed me again with their new refreshing layered lemonade smoothies that are perfect for the hot days of summer.

In true Jugo Juice manner, there are no added sugars or artificial ingredients so you can enjoy these babies guilt-free anytime you feel like something to beat the heat.

I personally love drinking lemonade on a hot day and these layered lemonades have the best of both worlds, The tanginess of the lemon plus the taste of the added layer and fruit. The base for all three of these drinks its made with whole lemons (rind and all), coconut milk, mango, and apple juice. You then get to customize, it depending on your preference.

Double Berry: A beautiful purple colour, the Double Berry is made with strawberry, blueberry, and orange juice.

Raspberry Peach: “The pink one”. This tangy and sweet version is made with raspberry, peach, and tropical juice. In my opinion, this one tasted a lot like a key lime pie. It was delicious!

Last but not least is the Mighty green: Kale, mango, pineapple, apple juice, and orange juice give this green topping a delicious tropical taste without the kale overpowering it. The mango and pineapple truly come through.

These Limited addition smoothies will be available for the rest of the summer until September 11, so you have plenty of time to try all of them and choose your favourite. Keep refreshed with Jugo Juice!


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