Camping 101 for Millennials

Being born in the 80’s makes me a millennial, and it just so happens that this millennial has recently gone on a weekend camping trip with friends to Twenty Mile Bay Recreation Site located along the shoreline of Harrison Lake. The trip from Burnaby is approximately 3 hours (over 1 hour on a bumpy logging road). It bodes 52 campsites, with the majority of them having a waterfront view, which is a plus point for any Instagrammers! However, these campsites don’t have potable water, washrooms, showers, or cellular signal (the horror!). The only toilets available are outhouses or a nearby log. So for millennials (and anyone really), here are a few tips on how to survive your first camping trip.

Tip #1: Bring enough food! The last thing you want is to starve since the nearest store is about 1.5 hours away. PS: Place ice packs at the bottom of a cooler so that your food doesn’t get soggy.

Tip #2: Bring a propane stove and grill since fire bans are in effect in BC. However, for just $20, you can rent a propane campfire which looks and feels much like the real thing.

Tip #3: Prepare for all weather! In case it rains and your tent is not waterproof, you should bring two tarps to cover and place under your tent, ropes and a tarp to put above picnic tables, and extra pegs. I just found out that my tent was not waterproof. Even though we only had light rain and the tent was closed, my sleeping bag and mattress got wet. Cards and board games are entertaining rain or shine. Spot It!, Dutch Blitz, and Catch Phrase are highly recommended.

Tip #4: Bring toilet paper/baby wipes! Remember, no showers or washrooms!

Tip #5: To get Instagram worthy pictures, bring power banks for your cell phone!

All in all, the Instagram pictures and time with friends made this camping trip super fun despite the rain.


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  1. Curious what camping tips you think are millennial-specific? Maybe people need a “break here in case of wifi loss” container? ;)


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