Places to Brunch in Vancouver: Rumpus Room

Good news everyone! Rumpus Room is open again! It moved locations to 2301

Main Street, just a few blocks away from the previous place.



When I first stepped into the restaurant, I was able to feel the warmth of the

place right away with an orange, brown, and yellow pallet. Beautiful, colourful

lights dangle from the ceiling, 70’s retro wallpaper is just behind the bar, and

orange velvety couches sit on the side of the room. You will also find yourself

surrounded by cool random items, such as a cowboy hat, funky jars, plates,

artistic paintings, etc. I felt like I was in someone’s grandparents’ cozy basement.

That 70’s Show crossed my mind!


The décor isn’t the only thing with a unique flair to it. The menu also boasts

colourful items with a certain je ne sais quoi. I sampled quite a few appetizers and

main courses, and below are my favourites.



Free Range Chicken Bites – Free range chicken marinated in buttermilk,

battered, and fried. The chicken bites were soft on the inside and crunchy on the

outside. You can never go wrong with fried chicken!

Lil Cornies – 3 Nathan’s famous 100% beef hot dogs surrounded by a house made cornbread

batter. I’m usually not a fan of corn dogs, but I loved these ones! The cornbread

was crispy and soft, and the hot dogs are deliciously savoury.


Main Courses:

Beets the Kale Benny – 2 mini cheddar chive waffles topped with roasted

balsamic beet rounds, sautéed kale, 2 perfectly poached eggs, beet infused

hollandaise topped with goats cheese and beet crispies, with your choice of side. The

sautéed kale was crispy with a smoky flavor which gave this unique eggs benny a

kick. The beet infused hollandaise was something out of the ordinary but in a

good way.

Double Toasty – This is perfect for those who can’t decide on getting a sweet or

savoury dish, and I’m that person! The meal includes one toast with avocado,

pickled red onion, and alfalfa sprouts and another toast with peanut butter,

banana, dried currants, chocolate chips, maple drizzle, and chopped walnuts.

To top that, you can add 2 eggs for an additional charge. It’s like having a lunch and

dessert at the same time. A solution to all my problems.


There you go! A few suggestions that won’t disappoint.




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