Fried Chicken Adventure #1: Zabu Chicken

One of my favourite foods in the whole wide world is crispy fried chicken. Unfortunately, growing up I rarely ate chicken because my mother hates it. Therefore, my fried chicken experiences were limited to a local KFC in a mall food court. Since I moved to Vancouver by myself though, I get to eat whatever I want. Ergo, the fried chicken adventure is in full swing.

Zabu Chicken is a Korean restaurant located in the West End, at the intersection of Robson and Cardero. The restaurant has a warm atmosphere, dimmed lighting, and an aesthetically pleasing interior. The two times I have been there, I very much enjoyed my meals and surrounding. The servers are very nice as well. They keep an eye on your water and will refill your water bottle when it’s finished which is very handy considering how spicy some of the chicken is!

Now about the fried chicken: the things I look for in my fried chicken is the crispiness and flavour. The first time I was there, I had the large Zabu Soy Combo from the Zabu Soy Original Chicken category, consisting of 5 drumsticks and 8 wings. They were extraordinary! The soy flavour was amazing, savoury and a bit sweet (perfect combination!), and they were very crispy even though there was very little batter or none at all (I couldn’t tell). Between the drumsticks and wings, the wings are the winners because they were tastier and crispier due to less meat, but I still love both. The second time there, I had the Zabu Hot Combo which consists of 5 hot drumsticks and 8 hot wings. I liked how they were hot, but didn’t taste as savoury as the soy original chicken.

All and all, I love Zabu Chicken and cannot wait to stuff my face with it again! PS: You may want to make a reservation during rush hours. I’m not so sure what their policies are on reservations, but I saw a large group made a reservation during rush hour. Call them to find out more about reserving a table. Here is their website:


Rating of Zabu Soy Original Chicken:

Crispiness: 5/5

Flavour: 6/5 (yes, I love the soy flavour so much!)

Ambiance: 5/5

Line up: 3/5 during rush hour

Favourite: Zabu Soy Combo



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