Halloween Make-Up and Costume Tutorial: Frida Khalo

With Halloween around the corner, you must be stressing out about what you are going to dress up as. Not to worry! When your makeup is on point, it doesn’t matter what you are wearing, and I’m going to use this post to showcase a relatively simple and elegant Halloween makeup tutorial which will leave you looking like the star in the room (or at least you’ll get some compliments).

This Halloween I don’t want to spend much money on a costume because they can get quite expensive. So naturally, I searched Pinterest for inexpensive DIY ideas, and came across a great Frida Khalo costume idea! Frida Khalo is one of Mexico’s greatest artists. To add more OOMPF to my look, I painted a skeleton on half of my face ☠ Got the idea from one of my favourite Disney animations, COCO!

What you’ll need for the outfit:

  1. Colourful dress: I already have a long yellow dress with flower prints in my closet (saved money!). You can also wear a top and a skirt.
  2. Colourful shawl: Found a red shawl in my closet! Any colour you have will do as long as they’re bright (ideally, bright enough to be seen from the moon!).
  3. Flower crown: I bought fake flowers from Dollarama which I attached to a headband with a glue gun. Sometimes the fake flowers will fall apart, but there is an easy fix for this! Just glue the flowers together in addition to gluing them to the headband. I will do a separate blog post for this.
  4. Fake cigarette (see picture #1-11 below): Made by rolling a piece of white paper, taping the ends to secure the roll, painting the “burning” end with gold, silver, and a black sharpie for a burning cigarette effect, and painting the other end with a gold sharpie.

Statement necklace, bracelet, earrings, and rings: Any big and colourful jewellery will do just fine.

What you’ll need for the skeleton makeup (see picture #1 below):

  1. Black and white face paints:I used SFX Crème Colour Face & Body Paint from NYX Professional Makeup. Previously I bought face paints from a dollar store, but the result was disappointing because they weren’t opaque enough. This SFX product is amazing! They give great coverage.
  2. Thin brush:I used a nail art brush which I bought from Daiso. You want the brush to be pointy and a bit stiff so that it’s easier to apply and control the thickness of the brush strokes.
  3. Eyeshadow: Pick a colour that matches your eyebrows to create a unibrow.

 Step by step skeleton face (see picture #2-4 above):

  1. Apply white face paint: Cover a portion of your face with white face paint by using your fingers or a makeup sponge. For my look, I only covered my left side and below my left eye. The reason I didn’t cover my whole face is because I wanted the unibrow to show since it is crucial for the Frida Khalo look.
  2. Create a nose: Draw a straight vertical line on your nose then draw two other lines down one half of your nose to create a triangle using a brush and black face paint. Once done, fill in the triangle with black face paint. Essentially covering one side of your nose with black face paint.
  3. Create a line on your cheekbones: This is going to be the top edge of your skeleton face.
  4. Draw the teeth: Start drawing a black line from the corner of your mouth up to your cheek. Also, draw a thick line from the middle of your lip to the corner of the lips (on both upper and lower lips). Add vertical lines for the top and bottom teeth.
  5. Draw cracks: Draw a few squiggly lines, almost like a lightning or tree branch for the cracks.
  6. Draw cheek bones: Draw a diagonal Y shape (see picture #4) for the cheekbones.
  7. Shading and details: Once those are done, add some shading and details. To create the shading, mix white and black face paints to create grey then apply to some areas. If you feel that you can’t add the shading, just leave your makeup as is.

Voila! Your outfit and makeup are done! Go make some jaws drop with your awesome skeleton
look. PS: Guys can pull off the skeleton look too so slab on face paint on your friend or significant other’s face ☺


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