Bacio Rosso – A Whimsical Dining Experience

img_20190105_185352For Christmas, I wanted to surprise my partner with a unique experience. This gourmet 3 hr show has been running for the past few months in Vancouver, with an extension until March 10, 2019. Hidden in Queen Elizabeth Park, this white top venue showcases “Canada’s first Gourmet Cabaret Cirque. Moulin Rouge meets Cabaret meets Fine Dining!” It was definitely a special night for us. Note, I am not affiliated or paid by the production to promote it. This is my personal experience that I wanted to share with the public.


MVIMG_20190105_185203.jpgIt was quite difficult finding the area on foot in the dark. There was minimal signage and we ended up getting lost, going on a 30-minute adventure, trekking through the mud and rain in heels. I want to prevent everyone from having this experience, so please take a cab or drive! They have parking and it saves you the walking as this venue is hidden in the park, by the Pitch and Putt. Once you walk in, you are transported to a P.T. Barnum circus experience, with lush red curtains, live music, and a stand up bar area where drinks are poured before the show.


Seating is divided into two sections, almost like 2 semicircles with the round stage in the middle and a main stage where the band is situated. If you want to feel immersed with the show, I’d suggest the center ring ($219-$239/tix). The performers in the show often pick people from the center audience to participate in some acts. If you’re shy like me and want to be a spectator, then the premium ring ($159-$179/tix) and the ring ($129-$159/tix) which is slightly closer to the band, is acceptable. I purchased the ring ticket, which was a great view for both stages. Booths are at the back of the venue and are more intimate for a group setting. Each booth can sit about 5-6 people. Like the ring setup, premium booths ($179-$199/tix) have a “better” view than regular ($149-$169/tix) and stage ($119-$149/tix) booths, with a more limited view. Personally, I think all the seats in the house are great, but it all depends on the experience that you’d prefer.  Note, the first price listed is for a weekday show whereas the second price is for weekends.

The Meal

When you purchase your tickets you have 3 options for the main entrée: (1) Rosticciata di Manzo (Slow Roasted Beef), (2) Pollo in Umido (Braised Chicken), or (3) Polenta con Funghi (Polenta with Mushrooms).

The entire meal was spread out throughout the evening, so don’t come to the show hungry. Antipasti arrived right away, while Primi started about an hour after the show, Secondi around 30-45 minutes later, and finally Dolci was about 20 minutes before the end of the night. Overall, the flavors came through but the plating could be improved and presented in a similar manner to what’s advertised. I was quite disappointed that the meals shown online were quite different than what was served. The portion sizes were satisfying, but if you have a large appetite, eat beforehand.


Pork Loin Tonnato (Pork & Tuna), Pork Crackling, Giardiniera (Pickled Vegetables), and Grissini (Bread Sticks).



Melanzana alla Parmigiana (Eggplant Lasagna)



Rosticciata di Manzo (Slow Roasted Beef)



Crema di Limone (Lemon Cream)



The live band was spectacular! As a previous clarinet player, I’m amazed by their talent!


New York City sultry songstress, Rizo, a.k.a. Amelia Zirin-Brown, was one of my favorite acts of the night. She performed a mix of stand-up comedy, singing, and audience participation, throughout the night.


I absolutely loved the cirque acts and admired their strength and beauty of their performances.


Now that you’ve got a taste of what this experience is like and have decided that you’d also like to check this event out, here is a FREE 20% discount code. Just use the Promo Code: REDKISS at checkout. This code is valid for full ticket prices for any show from now until January 31st, 2019. This would make a great early Valentine’s Day or Birthday gift!

Tickets can be purchased here:


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