Fried Chicken Adventure: Cocoru

YES! I have found another great restaurant that makes a variety of delicious fried chicken, COCORU! Cocoru is a Korean fried chicken and beer restaurant located in Richmond, BC. It is only approximately 10 minutes away from Lansdown Canada Line Station so it’s easy to access by public transit.

I went to Cocoru for a friend’s birthday. I was so glad that she made a reservation because, oh boy, that place was super busy on a Saturday night. When I got there for the reservation, there were many people lining up outside. So if you plan to go there, do pick up your phone and make a reservation because the last thing you want to do is smell fried chicken from outside for a while.

The restaurant is medium sized. I’d say it can sit about 35-45 people. Inside, it’s like a typical Korean restaurant, cozy and clean.

Ok, let’s go through what I stuffed my face with :)

There are three sections on the menu that you can choose your chicken from: Bone-In, Boneless, and Cocoru Specialties. Both Bone-In and Boneless have the same options: Original, Dakgangjeong, Soy Garlic, and Yangnyeom flavours. The Cocoru Specialties have three options: Palak, Snowfall, and Cheese Buldak. I had five flavours and they were all delicious!



“Cocoru’s best deller. Made from freshly cut chicken thighs and dry batter. Served with seasoned potato wedges.”

I got the original bone-in chicken. Because the chicken is not covered in sauce, the chicken was crispy. Just the way I like it! The chicken was tender and savoury.




“Dakgangjeong is traditional Korean fried chicken with sweet chili sauce. Served with sesame seeds.”

 Hmmm… This flavour was a good one. The boneless fried chicken was covered in sweet chili sauce so the outside was not as crispy as the original fried chicken but very tasty! It was sweet yet savoury at the same time.




“Deep fried chicken bites tossed with soy garlic sauce. Served with garlic flakes.”

I liked the soy garlic fried chicken too! You can definitely taste the garlic flavour but it’s not overpowering that you feel like you’re going to have garlic breath the entire night. Love how there were crispy garlic flakes too. 



“Yangnyeom is one of the most popular sauced fried chickens in Korea. Sweet, creamy and a bit spicy. Deep fried chicken bites tossed with yangnyeom sauce. Served with peanut crumbs.”

I only have wonderful words to describe the beautifully cooked Yangnyeom fried chicken. I can’t really say what kind of flavour yangnyeom was but it was a bit sour, sweet, and spicy. Maybe some garlic taste too. It was DELICIOUS!!




“Deep fried chicken bites, with béchamel sauce and grana padano cheese.”


Whoa eating Snowfall fried chicken was kind of like eating fried chicken pasta (best combination). Bechamel sauce was poured on top of the chicken as well as some grana padano cheese.The béchamel sauce did not have a really strong taste which worked really well with the grana padano cheese since the cheese is stronger in taste.


My recommendations:

  1. As you can tell, YANGNYEOM is definitely a WINNER!
  2. My second choice is the Dakgangjeong.
  3. If you like cheese and creamy pasta, go for Snowfall.
  4. Make a reservation ahead of time before getting to the restaurant.
  5. Get the boneless instead of the bone-in since the boneless is easier to eat.


OH and I forgot to mention, if you can’t choose which flavours to get, you can get Half + Half order which means you get to choose 2 flavours on one plate, but the Cocoru specialty are not included in the choices.

I hope you’re drooling and on the way to Cocoru now! :)


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