Downlow Chicken Shack

Once again I was in the mood for fried chicken (always am lol) so I went to the infamous Downlow Chicken Shack with my husband and in-laws for dinner. Downlow Chicken Shack is located on the north end of Commercial Drive, just on the south side of Venables Street. Their chickens are hormone free, antibiotic free, free run, non GMO, and grain fed birds. Also, their chickens are always fresh because they are never frozen and the chickens are delivered to the restaurant 5 days a week.

Downlow Chicken Shack offers a variety of chicken meals. They have chicken thighs, breast, drumsticks, wings, chicken burgers, and chicken and waffles. Then you can choose the flavours: mild, medium, hot, extra hot, side of milk (this is the hottest), classic, lemon pepper, and jerk. They also have secret menu so when you are there, go ask them what their secret menu is.

So far I have tried three flavours: medium, the original, the jerk, and the lemon pepper. My first visit there, I order The Jerk from The Sando section (burger). The chicken was huge and so flavourful! It was crispy too which is what I look for in a fried chicken. I liked The Jerk but it had a hint of thyme which I’m not a big fan of. My husband on the other hand loved it so much.

During my last visit, I ordered Two Piece and a Side (2 Boneless Thighs) from the All the Combos section. I got one Lemon Pepper and Medium and a side of fries seasoned with medium dust and DL sauce. I really can’t choose which one I like the most since both thighs very tasty in their own ways! The Medium chicken wasn’t too spicy so next time I will try the next heat level; however, it is recommended to get either mild or medium first before trying the spicier flavours. I was able to taste tangy flavour in the Lemon Pepper chicken which made the chicken tasted fresh.

In addition, if you buy a meal from Downlow Chicken Shack, you can bring and eat your meal at East Van Brewing Company, located just around the corner on Venables Street, and get $1.00 off of your first drink.

I highly recommend this restaurant! The food is awesome and staff are very friendly. You won’t be disappointed.


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