A Day at the Races at the Deighton Cup

If you are looking for an event where you can showcase your best outfit and have the thrill of betting on a horse, Deighton Cup is for you! The 11th year of Deighton Cup just happened this past weekend on July 20th. Located at the Hastings Racecourse, the festival has been an event that people are looking forward to every summer.

By the event entrance, there was a selfie station where you can sit on a fancy Queen Bee chair with flowers framed around it. It was such a cool photo op! If they have this next year, I suggest you to take the selfie early on in the day because the flowers wilted towards the end of the event. This was not the only selfie station available! In the stands and inside the building, there were cool walls with graphics and balloons as well as a big swing. I’m not done yet! They also had a big wall of sunflowers for taking pictures! I absolutely loved this wall because it’s very vibrant and I was able to take full-body pictures with my friends, showcasing our outfits.

Many people who attended the event put a lot of effort into their outfits. I saw one woman had at least a 1-foot tall purple fascinator made out of mesh, and she wore a dress of pink silk flowers. Another woman was wearing a white dress with lemon patterns and she wore a big fascinator with lemons on it. I also saw quite a few DIY fascinators and they looked amazing! I, myself, made my own fascinator under $10 from around placemat and silk flowers from a dollar store. It was so much fun dressing up for the festival. If you don’t want to spend much money on a fascinator and want to wear one that’s one-of-a-kind, look up easy DIY’s on Pinterest!

Can’t forget about the main event, the horse races! There were 9 races that day. Info on the races and horses were available for purchase for $3. There are a few spots to place your bet both upstairs and downstairs. Some are cash only and others accept credit cards. If you are inexperienced with placing bets, I suggest you go to customer service and get a little booklet on how to bet. The three main horse racing wager types are WIN (your horse has to win first place), PLACE (either first or second place), and SHOW (first, second, or third place). I chose PLACE for every bet I made and ended up winning several times :)

So there you have it! If you love fashion, photos, drinks, food, and horse races, the Deighton Cup is sure to please.


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