Still Time to Get Spooked at Potter’s House of Horrors

I stand by my opinion that the best haunted house attraction in BC is right here in Surrey. Potter’s has been scaring and delighting visitors since 2003. Myself, a Surrey resident, have been enjoying coming here for several years. As a matter of fact, one of my very first posts on this blog was about Potters, and my very first YouTube video was of experiencing The Last Ride.

This year, the two haunted house being offered include Devil’s Decent – a horrific, post-apocalytic mine shaft, that includes zombies, mangled limbs, and even the elevator to hell. If that doesn’t frighten you, maybe try The new Death Valley Motor Inn – now, I’m a seasoned haunted house goer, and this one really did me in! If you only do one haunted house this year, make it this one.

Other attractions at Potters’ House of Horrors include:

Escape From Incineration Escape Room 20 minutes is all you have to escape a burning building -solve clues and riddles to get out in time – or else.

Paintball – because who doesn’t love shooting up zombies?

Lil’ Haunters – two delightfully spooky haunted houses for guests 12 and under (My son Dylan loves coming here!)

Haunted Photo Booth

The Last Ride


Aside from pretty decent animatronics, and high-tech lighting and sound, Potter’s employs some serious scare experts who let’s say, really enjoy their work. One of my favourite characters, Herb the clerk has been an instagram sweetheart for some time :) They actors really go all out, entertaining people in line and posing for pictures.

Potter’s House of Horrors is open until November 2nd.

Click here, for hours, prices and tickets.


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