Share Precious Moments with Grandparents the Easy Way with Neveo

I wish my Mom lived in the same country as me. My mom chose to go back to El Salvador after the war and I came to Canada with my dad as a kid. Growing up, I felt that I truly belonged here. So even though we love each other very much. I know my place is here in Canada, and my mom’s place is in El Salvador.

So although I don’t have the luxury of living close to my mom, we live in a time that staying in touch can be made easy with technology. There’s Facebook and FaceTime, Instagram and Skype.

But sometimes even that isn’t enough. My husband’s parents are also getting on, and they’re not as tech-savvy as my mom. My mother-in-law is not online, so that means she misses out on all my Facebook and Instagram posts, and all her grandson’s adventures.

Enter Neveo. An easy-to-use app that makes it easier to keep the grandparents in the loop with a monthly newsletter that you can make on your cell phone.

I take so many photos, and most of them make it online, but what I like about Neveo is that my photos get printed monthly in a beautiful newsletter-style booklet and then sent to my in-laws and mom. You can caption your photos with dates, witty anecdotes, and comments. You can also invite friends and family members to contribute to the journals, making it truly a keepsake family project.

Using the app is easy. Simply download the app to get started. From then on, you can add a recipient, and start uploading photos. To invite family members and friends to contribute, go on the app, click on « My family » and on « Invite my family ». You can then send them a link to the registration. They can only enter your family network through this link. You can invite as many people as you want.

The album automatically closes on the last day of each month, after that, it only takes a few days for printing and mailing.

I’m really enjoying making these journals for my mom and my in-laws. I think you would do!

Right now, you can check out Neveo from one month free. Use code MaryinVancity to get your first album free of charge.



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