Get Your Fill of Mini-Donuts this Weekend at the PNE

Considering the new COVID-19 restrictions, going to the PNE the traditional way won’t be possible this year – yet the team behind the Pacific National Exhibition is working hard to still be able to support its vendors and bring some of the joy back.

A Taste of the PNE is one of the first events the fair is putting on to help fans get over their carnival treats withdrawal, and first on the docket is the mighty mini-donut.

Yes, folks, you read it right: This weekend only, and starting at $20, you can drive-thru the grounds of the PNE and leave with a bundle of those warm, tasty treats. Each standard pack contains six mini donuts from each of the following mini donut vendors: Tin Lizzy Donuts, Those Little Donuts, CinCity Donuts and the PNE Fundunkers.

I will sure miss the PNE this year, but I’m really looking forward to see what other drive-thru activities the fair team will come up with this summer.

A Taste of the PNE: A mini donut drive thru experience 

May 22-24, 2020

1-7pm daily

Enter off Hastings Street, West of Playland.

Get your tickets here. Each mini donut package purchase includes TWO complimentary tickets to the opening day of the 2021 PNE Fair.


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