4 Fun Ways to Celebrate Alone/Together this Holiday Season

Even though we can’t celebrate together this Christmas season, we can still spend time with loved ones digitally. I found that although it’s not ideal, being able to to a craft or share a meal with family and friends can be a way to create holiday memories together. To make the best of it, here are four ways to celebrate together/alone this festive season.

Have a Virtual Pizza Party

Recently I was gifted a frying pan pizza kit from Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. It was so much fun! We loved making our pizza as a family and making this fun video.


The kit comes with everything you need to make two pizzas. Idea: Buy one for yourself, and send one to a friend or family member and have a virtual pizza party. Wanna make it a little more festive? Add a cocktail kit for an additional $26 (makes two cocktails).

Join a Wine Club

One of the most affordable and fun wine clubs I’ve found is from a company called LIQR. They deliver your wine subscription free of charge anywhere in the lower mainland and you can cancel anytime. My explorer box ($50) came with 3 bottles of wine, a monthly newsletter, tasting notes, food pairing recommendations and a recipe.

One thing I really liked is that when you sign up to the Wine Club through the LIQR App, your subscription will provide a month of clean water to a child who currently goes without. You can purchase the box right through their site HERE.

Idea: Buy a subscription for a friend and one for yourself and have virtual wine tastings.

Watch a Holiday Movie “Together”

With wifi and technology, it’s easy to have a virtual movie night with your loved ones. Netflix is currently streaming two soon to be holiday classics: Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey and a new animated version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas with Benedict Cumberbatch as the grinch! These two movies are so much fun to watch as a group. Get the webcam ready!

Organize a Secret Santa

My friend invited me to her secret Santa gift exchange on Facebook. It was so much fun shopping for a fun little gift and shipping it to them. Not only that, but it gave me a chance to shop local from some great people like Presidio by Athenas and Shop Ava to Zoe. I also joined a couple of other gift exchanges from Reddit and Imgur. It’s fun and a way to connect with people around the world. This my second year doing a gift exchange online and I love it.

Regardless of what or who you choose to celebrate the season with, stay calm, stay safe and be kind. We will be able to get together soon!

Merry Christmas everyone!


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