Checking out SnackPlug in Surrey

Surrey’s latest addition to the food scene is a paradise for all snack addicts!

The SnackPlug is a small but mighty store located in the Fleetwood neighborhood. The brainchild of three recent UBC graduates, the store has received a mighty welcome, specially from the Instagram crowd who is coming in droves to check out the selection of local and international candies and snacks.

I came with my family and I was very impressed with the selection and layout of the store. I found so many treats that I haven’t seen in years and are definitely hard to fine here in Canada so I was in awe.

Some of the things that stood out for me were the variety of Oreos to start: Everything from the thin Oreos to peanut butter and chocolate Oreos – it was pretty phenomenal! We also found a Kraft Dinner aisle with different flavours such as jalapeño infused KD an extra cheesy KD. There were also chips that were very interesting such as the Chetto churro flavour (which we bought) and wagyu beef.

Overall this was a very fun thing to do on a weekend with the family and I recommend coming to check it out.

You’re guaranteed to find something that is going to put a smile on your face.

The SnackPlug

14377 64 Ave #102, Surrey, BC


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