Halloween is on Full Swing at Maan Farms

I love Halloween.

Maybe it’s the cool and crisp autumn air, maybe it’s the bright fall foliage, or maybe it’s the fact I love getting scared half to insanity and back – but the thoughts of ghouls, ghosts, and hauntings really are my cup of tea.

Every year, my best friend Josh and I head out to Maan Farms for their haunted corn maze – it’s no exaggeration that this attraction has been named the scariest corn maze in Canada – but this year, Maan Farms has really outdone themselves. How can the scariest corn maze in CANADA has outdone themselves you ask? By adding not 2, but 3 new attractions.

That’s right,  Maan Farms Haunts, the creators of the Scariest Corn Maze in Canada, are back at it again, but with three experiences this year: Pitch Black (an attraction where the actors can touch the guests), the Bloodied Carny Corn Maze, and the Twisted Pagan Forest

 The circus has found its way into the corn maze where haunted clowns and other evil carnies await. Guests have 20 minutes to endure these nighmares. 

The new Twisted Pagan Forest attraction is a 25-minute walking experience in the depths of a 10-acre forest. It crawls with spiders, mystical creatures, and a ghostly colony clawing up from the depths of hell. It is a 25-minute walking experience. 

Pitch Black is a first in Canada. It is a 15 to 20 minute sensory experience where guests have the option of being touched and grabbed, pulled further into the darkness.

Each experience is truly unique, where each turn welcomes you to new horrors. With only the light of the moon guiding your path, it’s easy for your imagination to run wild. Experienced actors are in full costume ready to feed on your fears and take you on a fright ride you won’t soon forget.

If you love Halloween as much as we do, this is a must-not miss attraction. You can purchase your tickets here. Ticket prices are tiered based on demand, offering rates that everyone can afford. 

Your ticket includes admission to all three attractions. We recommend adding the fast pass to your entry to skip the lines that can be quite lengthy. You must sign a waiver and show proof of vaccination and ID. This experience is not recommended for children under 10.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Josh Rimer says:

    They really took it to another level this year!


  2. Josh Rimer says:

    They really took it to another level this year!


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