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This is a restaurant that boast the BEST Carolina BBQ – how can I refuse?

I should warn you – if you have sensibilities about eating meat, this is not the place for you. This is a BBQ place – which means that unless you consider coleslaw a sensible vegetable option – you’re out of luck. They have one salad on the menu –  a Cobb salad – and it comes with pulled pork.

I accidentally erased the pictures of my meal from my Iphone so I apologize for the lack of graphic stimulation.

We started with the Armadillo Eggs ($5.00) – Two pork and beef  jalapeno peppers battered and served on a mild pico de gallo sauce. We only ordered two, so if your party consists of more that two people, I recommend ordering more than one dish. They were good, a little mild for my taste, and I felt there was something missing, like cheese? Something to hold the beef and pork together. The batter was really good – thick and crunchy. Also the pico de gallo sauce was a great pairing.

We also ordered some drinks – I ordered the house Caesar– it comes in a tall beer glass with two pickled green beans and a piece of beef jerky. (I wasn’t kidding when I said this was a carnivore’s paradise) It is spiced with the house’s own blend of spices –  which I found to be a little too grainy to be part of a drink. Every time I took a sip, something would get stuck in my throat, making me cough – the staff were very nice and offered me one of their old school sodas instead. I had a cherry soda, and it was awesome.

For the main course we ordered the Divorce  ($59) (I’m not kidding, that’s what it says on the menu). Funny, because it consists of half of every meat dish on the menu (get, it? divorce? half of everything? – what can I say, I’m easily amused!). The platter consists of beef briskets, short ribs, pork ribs, pulled pork, mild beef sausage and jalapeno pork sausage.  That’s a lot of meat! It also comes with two side dishes – your choice of coleslaw, baked beans, potato salad, creamed corn, southern greens, corn bread, fries and Hush Puppies (corn fritters).

The platter was massive – but the side dishes were not – two side dishes for this amount of meat isn’t enough. We chose the baked beans and the coleslaw- but we also order a side of Hush Puppies. These corn fritters are amazing. They come with a sweet mustard sauce for dipping and they were so good we had to order another batch.  Each extra side dish costs $3 so it’s not so bad. Did I mentioned I loved the Hush Puppies?

My favourite dish was the beef ribs – I loved how they came all crispy and they just peeled off the bone. They didn’t come smothered in BBQ sauce, but it’s ok, there’s a bottle of homemade BBQ sauce at each table. Their sauce is sweet and a little smokey – but very mild and it doesn’t take away from the flavours of the meat.  The jalapeno sausage was very good too! I loved the spiciness of it! Delicious!

If ordering the Half of Everything platter – Make sure that there’s more than two of you. It was A LOT of meat. There were three of us, (and very hungry) and we still didn’t finish the platter. Finally for dessert we had a Deep Fried Mars Bar.

Our meal was decadent. It was a great BBQ meal.  Follow them on twitter at @PeckinpahBBQ
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