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Wok Box

Wok Box has several locations all over the Lower Mainland. They serve Asian favourites from Thailand, China, Vietnam, India, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia and Cambodia. Lots of variety! Frankly, I’ve never heard of them until recently. I was expecting a fast food place with already-made food. I wasn’t expecting a sit-down restaurant with lovely Asian decor and food made to order, so I was pleasantly surprised.

We ordered some Green Onion Cakes ($4.49) – fried unleavened scallion flat bread. They have a hint of curry and are served with a tick garlic sauce. A very tasty way to start our meal. One order has plenty enough to share. We also had an order of their Spring Rolls ($4.99). One thing I liked about their spring rolls is that they were crispy and not greasy. They were served with traditional plum sauce.

For dinner we order the Pad Thai ($10.79) I loved the variety of toppings. Lots of fresh veggies, chicken and delicious ribbon noodles. The sauce was slightly spicy and the portion was just the right size. We also had one of their rice boxes – the Lemongrass Chicken Curry ($11.49) the combination of coconut milk and yellow curry with a hint of lemon grass was just perfect. Nice big chunks of juicy chicken on a bed or rice. My only complaint was that there was too much rice and not enough curry or toppings.

So I wouldn’t say that the food at Wok Box is authentic Asian. But the food is good, is made to order and the surroundings are beautiful. Also the food is slightly pricey for the portions that you get. But I think it’s worth a try. With so many locations, I’m sure there’s one near you.
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  1. I miss the one on Davie Street at Denman :( I loved their orange chicken. It wasn’t authentic Asian by any means (according to you know who), but that is why I loved it so…


  2. This place is a huge rip off!!! They are very inconsistent. I used to like them about 4-5 years ago. The food has changed to boil in bag sauces and the noodles and rice taste like glue. The butter chicken used to be good,not anymore. Save your money and go to macdonalds.


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