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Whitewater Cooks with Friends – a New Cookbook by Shelley Adams

Ok, I’ll be totally honest: I am not a good cook.

If it wasn’t for my husband who loves to cook, I would pull a Carrie Bradshaw and store sweaters inside my oven. I’m great at going out to eat. I am a fantastic orderer. I can make magic happen with my dinner suggestions. But put me inside my kitchen with a bunch of ingredients, and you will find me an hour later inside my kitchen with a bunch of ingredients and a half empty bottle of wine. (Who am I kidding, the bottle will be empty).

So when I was asked to review a cookbook, I was a tad hesitant to rise to the challenge. Turns out I really enjoyed it!

Whitewater Cooks with Friends is the third on the Whitewater series by Shelley Adams. Her and Husband Mike owned the Whitewater Ski Resort. Their food was so good that skiers were constantly begging Shelley for her recipes. Now three cookbooks later, Shelley is back with easy to make recipes with ingredients that can be easily found.

There’s a lot of variety for one cookbook, and the meals are tasty and easy to prepare. I love how the pages are laid out with ingredients and method of cooking. The directions are simple and easy to follow. I have tried to follow other cookbooks before, only to became frustrated. This is truly a cookbook for people who love food, love to eat, but don’t venture into the kitchen much. Like me!

So let’s get into the recipes shall we?

For my first recipe I tried to make the roasted Chinese five spice and garlic chicken. The recipe calls for 10 ingredients, and sure enough, they were fairly easy to find. The only change I made was that instead of using a whole chicken, I used breasts of chicken.

Pretty chicken waiting to be broiled

It took me less than 15 minutes to make the marinade. Seriously. It was so easy! The recipe calls for the chicken to marinate for 4 hours, but I decided to let it marinate overnight. This was the result:

Hey, I made this!

The chicken was succulent and juicy. And the marinade was so flavourful! I couldn’t believe how easy and fast this dish was to make! And I made it!

This cookbook is too good not to share. So that’s exactly what I did. My friend Tiffany tried out the fabulous molasses and 3 ginger cookies. Now Tiff is a serious cook, she knows her stuff. And guess what? She also loved the cookbook!

By the way, the cookies were delicious!

Another recipe that we tried was the sopa de black bean with salsa crema on page 48.  So good. Black bean soup is one of those dishes that everyone craves from time to time.

The Whitewater Cooks with Friends cookbook is available for purchase at Chapters online or to look for a retailer close to you, click here. It’s totally awesome and totally worth it!


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