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Pachamami Sabor Latino

Once in awhile you stumble upon a gem of a restaurant in the least suspected places. Such was the case of me finding Pachamami. I love Latin food, and this small restaurant close to the Newton area of Surrey is the perfect place to satisfy a Latin food craving.
This restaurant has only been open for 5 months, but they have been busy promoting their establishment with Groupon, Living Social, and other coupon-type sites. They’re also active on social media. I checked them out on Urbanspoon and there’s nothing but praise for this place.

Speaking with my server Andrea, I found out that the restaurant is family operated and owned. The food is authentic Bolivian (don’t expect tacos here) and they have a buffet Tuesday-Thursday.

The prices are really good, most of the entrees range from $8-$14 each. Their portions are generous too. The service is really attentive. We didn’t want for anything: water refills, courtesy checks. We were treated very good here.

If you decide to pay them a visit, order the Ceviche – white fish medley with lemon juice and spices. It’s so good! It’s also served with a good portion of yam fries, so it’s like two appetizers in one.

An interesting dish to try is the Saice – ground beef simmered with carrots, peas and onions, served with rice, salad, deep fried plantains, yuca and topped with a fried egg. The beef was almost sweet. I admit I’m not very familiar with Bolivian cuisine, yet this was an excellent change from your stereotypical Latin/Mexican food.

Make sure you save room for dessert and try their flan. Simply delicious and I highly recommend it.
Pachamami Sabor Latino  on Urbanspoon


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