Muzik & Eats at The Kozmik Zoo

I’m back!! After a few months hiatus, I’m back on the social scene covering the latest restaurant events!

A couple weekends ago, I went to The Kozmik Zoo (formerly Hennessy Dining Lounge) at 53 W. Broadway to check out a live music event started by a new collaborative indie music website Vancity Voice ( The evening consisted of 4 local music acts, from solo music to groups, most featured on CITR 101.9FM’s Shindig music competition.

Since I was quite hungry when I arrived around 7:30pm to the event, I ordered a couple of appies for myself. I ordered Boneless Chicken Bites and a side of Yam Fries, both great to go along with my glass of wine to unwind after a long week at work!

ImageThe Chicken Bites were a whole lot of fried goodness! Crispy bite-sized pieces of chicken marinated in soy sauce and fried up, served with a side of sweet Thai chili sauce was what I needed to indulge my fried chicken craving! It was a considerable amount served for an appetizer – good for a single person or two people shared.

ImageOn the other hand, the yam fries…they were your standard yam fries with spicy mayo dip – but for $5.95, I didn’t see it being worth it if I was to go again. I expected more fries for that price. Great to have on the side with your burger, but not so as a stand alone dish.

My friend ordered a lava chocolate cake dessert, but it was so tasty he ate it all before I had a chance to try a taste of it or take a picture! I guess I need to come back again to try their dessert.

What’s interesting about The Kozmik Zoo is the variety of food offered on their menu, from Asian fusion appies to your standard pub fare to Persian specialty dishes.

What makes this great venue however is the live music/stage, however, the sound quality isn’t the best for large bands, but better for acoustic sets. I’d like to come back to listen to an acoustic performance, as this is a more intimate venue similar to The Railway Club. Hopefully we’ll see more music events happen at this venue.

Thee Ahs –
Chi Sun – The Asian Persuasion –

Note: This article was written out of the love of the restaurant’s chicken bites. I was not paid or endorsed by the restaurant, and is an honest account of the event. @alicelovesadventure
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