K-Town Korean BBQ & Hot Pot

I’ve never tried Korean BBQ before. (Shocking I know!) So Jake and I decided to check out K-Town in Surrey for date night. Jake was very excited about it, this is an excellent choice of restaurant for someone who’s on the Paleo diet. I say that because Korean BBQ consists of a lot of meat and veggies. It’s easy to avoid the carbs without compromising the taste or the experience.

K-Town is very new to the Guildford neighbourhood. The space used to be occupied by an Indian Buffet which name’s escapes me right now. The place has great new furnishings, I hardly recognize it.

We were seated at a booth with a large BBQ element in the middle. We opted for the all you can eat option ($25), which comes with a variety of meats, vegetables and appetizers.

My favourite was the Beef bulgoki – beef marinated in a  sweet sauce of soy, sugar, garlic, and sesame oil. We BBQ the meat right on our table and it was so delicious. We also enjoyed the marinated chicken and the pork bulgoki.

The meal came with assorted vegetables, some Korean Kimchi and pickles. It also came with large leaf lettuce which we used  as wraps. The appetizers we chose were dumplings, and some tempura. Both were not greasy and filling.

Overall we had a very good experience at K-Town. Jake really enjoyed himself, so I’m sure we’ll be back soon.

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