Brunch at Fable Kitchen


Lots of great talk about Fable Kitchen. Owned by Canada’s Top Chef contestant Trevor Bird, the concept is simple: Good, locally sourced food, served in an non-pretentious environment.

Fresh from our last vacation. Jake and I were looking forwards to spending time with @customersright and @MrMarkRobins. Mark suggested Fable. Our good friends are vegetarians, so I was curious to see how accommodating this eatery would be.

Fable doesn’t take reservations for brunch, yet we still took our chances. We showed up around noon, and the line up was extensive. Yet the restaurant staff was efficient at seating everyone, and to our delight, we were seated and ready to order in less than fifteen minutes.

While we waited for a table, I had a chance to observe Chef Bird at work. He runs his kitchen with extreme efficiency. Everyone around us moved with a sense of purpose and it was a delight to watch.

The prices at Fable aren’t modest, but they don’t break the bank either. Most of our orders were $12 or less. I was surprised at the price for a small glass of orange juice. ($3.50 for a tiny glass? what is this? organic and locally sourced?? wait… it is) Still, it was a tiny, tiny glass…

Jake and David both ordered the Breakfast Smoothie ($6) – Made with fresh orange juice, blueberries, honey and yogurt. I admit I stole more than a sip from Jake. It was refreshing and delicious. And totally worth the six bucks.


I ordered the Pulled Pork Johnny Cakes ($12). Fluffy cakes topped with pulled pork, tomato jam and pickled jalapeños. Drizzle a bit of maple syrup on these bad boys and you’re in brunch heaven. The sweetness of the syrup cuts the heat of the peppers nicely, and the spicy and sweet gives this dish a nice layer of flavour. Well done.


Our dishes came with a side of Rosti with chive cream. It beats old hash browns any day.

I love the presentation of our dishes. Mark’s scrambled eggs came served on a Mason jar.


At the end of our meal, our waitress presented our check with some cookies. Very nice touch. And delicious too!

I enjoyed our brunch at Fable. Very reasonable prices and good atmosphere. The food is good and the service is attentive. I’ll definitely be back for dinner.

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