MaryinVancity’s Gift Giving Guide: For the Snacker

Do you have a friend who loves their snacks? This is a great gift.
Snackbox is a great service for those who love their treats and still want to maintain a balanced diet.
For as low as $24 a month, Snackbox delivers a box of delicious, healthy snacks right to your door.
rsz_snackbox_new-1015x1024With Snackbox every box is a new discovery of tasty, healthy snack food products. Every month, their holistic nutritionist and her team of experts carefully choose and curate the best snacks. 


Members get 10 – 12 items in their Snackbox once a month. There is a combination of sweet and savoury snacks to satisfy any craving!

There are three type of subscriptions for you to choose from: 1 month for $33, 3 months for $27 and 6 months for $24. Simply pick your subscription type and they do the rest. 

Getting started is easy, simply go to their website to start the process. 

Follow them on Twitter: @GetSnackbox



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