Leonidas 2nd Anniversary Celebration

I’m a big fan of Leonidas’ famous Belgium waffles and hot chocolate, but I’ve never tried any of their decadent chocolates before. So when I received an invite to their 2nd year anniversary party, I grabbed @joshrimer and off we went!

First thing we tasted was their superb dark hot chocolate – The Boho Secret. What a treat.


There’s a lot of tradition that come with the Leonidas name. Sold in over 1,400 stores across the world, these chocolates are imported weekly from Belgium and are made from 100% pure cocoa butter. We got to sample a few of them:


White chocolate and hazelnut


Orange peel and dark chocolate


Chocolate and coconut – with a creamy coconut center – my favourite.


Sugar free – I couldn’t believe these were sugar free chocolate –  they were so creamy and sweet. I highly recommend these.

Not only do they sell great chocolate but they also have a variety of other chocolate-themed desserts such as pastries and chocolate covered strawberries – my favourite!


and chocolate cheesecake


and macaroons


Needless to say @joshrimer and I had a great time.


Check them out next time you’re near the waterfront and follow them on Twitter: @LeonidasVancity


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