Me and Ed’s Pizza

I don’t think that any Vancouverite has not heard of Me n’ Eds Pizza Parlours. At least in a mention somewhere. There are a few locations throughout the lower mainland so, chances are, there is one relatively close to you.

Me n’ Ed’s did not originate in Vancouver, the first pizza parlour opened in 1958 in Sacramento, California, but the Burnaby location has been open since 1969. With a history like that… Well… The food must be pretty dang good, so why not try it out? Right?

No one has to twist my arm when it comes to eating pizza, but this place has so many unique combinations that are oh, so delicious that it’s hard to even make a decision. Firstly, they are very friendly. We went for Sunday dinner for a special occasion. I didn’t even think about making a reservation because most restaurants of the like don’t take reservations on Friday nights or weekends and the pizza parlour was pretty busy. It’s a family atmosphere and there were a couple of birthdays and sports teams celebrating. But it still didn’t feel like it was crazy in there. I asked the hostess about reservations and, to my delightful surprise, they do take reservations at any time! That’s a big plus in my book! Then the wait was only going to be 15 minutes, the hostess was very polite and genuine so I didn’t mind the wait in the 50’s decor although we were seated much faster than the expected 15 minute wait. Another plus.

Our server was also very nice, she was quick to suggest specials and drinks and we were served quite fast. The atmosphere was very family friendly but still not overwhelmingly so for the three adults who were there child-free (that’s me and my party, btw). A glance at the menu may make you feel a little overwhelmed with so many delicious choices but don’t fret, like I mentioned, the servers won’t mind giving you some suggestions based on your questions and likes.

photo 1

To start, and because we were famished!, We went for the nacho platter with no added meat. At $14.95, the price is pretty much on par with other nacho platters at other restaurants but… Holly cannoli! The size of this thing was impressive! It definitely was a mountain of crisp tortillas smothered with cheese, black olives and jalapeños baked and topped with diced tomatoes and green onions and then served with sour cream and salsa. Absolutely a cheat meal for me, but oh-so-good! This could’ve been a meal in itself and, just to put it out there, it gave me the idea that you can definitely just go to Me n’ Ed’s for appetizers and beers to watch a game on their TV’s or to hang out with friends at any time. Just sayin’.

photo 2

Of the great selection of pizza pies I have tried a couple of them. They have specialty pizzas, featured pizzas and build-your-own. The smoked salmon and garlic (yeah, weird, but it works!) is awesome for a salmon lover like me, and the classic margherita is yumm-o as well, I’ve had a slice of the Thai chicken and I was glad that I did, but this time around we shared the Godfather (most pizzas have Italian themed names), this particular pizza is a blend of garlic, herb and tomato sauces, pepperoni, diced tomatoes, and a lot of Parmesan and Romano cheeses topped with basil and oregano. Someone at our table does not eat red meat and the restaurant had no issue with substituting the pepperoni on half of the pizza with pineapple (her choice, not mine. But, again, it worked!). The crust on this thing is different from other pizza places that I’ve tried, it’s deliciously hard to describe. Not doughy and not crispy, but just right. They make their dough fresh each time and press it many times over by their “custom-made dough rollers”. And, if you have a gluten sensitivity, they do have a gluten free crust option for you to choose your own toppings. Mean’ Ed’s describes itself as “finicky about your pizza”, well, I believe it. The Godfather lived up to the advertising of “a pizza you can’t refuse”, even though it was a meal for three, and we’d pretty much polished off the nachos, we ate every single slice of the medium.

photo 3

We felt really at home and just chatted for a bit so, not only for the sake of he review by the way, I opted to try one of their desserts. This girl likes to be thorough after all. And, like a good food lover, I asked what their special dessert was and was recommended to try the tiramisu. No need to tell me twice!

photo 4

The tiramisu was exactly what I needed after such a heavy meal. It was fluffy and just the right amount of sweetness. I had a cup of coffee to accompany the dessert and, sadly, I could not finish it. But it was no problem to have it packed up to take home and enjoy the nest day. (It was still delicious!)

So, over all, with the service, the food and the atmosphere I personally give Me n’ Ed’s an A++. Well done guys!

It’s no secret that I try to eat as healthy as possible. Part of my job as a fitness instructor and personal trainer is to lead by example so I try to walk the talk in my everyday life. So, when I want to treat myself to pizza, what is better than Me n’ Eds? (really, if there is something better please let me know because I’d like to try it!).

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